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What are some of the most popular food dishes in Seattle, Washington?

I'm making a brochure for my class and I chose to do Seattle, Washington. One part of the brochure has to include foods, and rather than listing off restaurants I was wondering if anyone knew of some popular dishes in Seattle. I know seafood has to be a main one, but any help would be greatly appreciated!What are some of the most popular food dishes in Seattle, Washington?
Salmon cooked over an alder fire is the traditional way of northwest natives and is still one of the most popular ways to prepare it. There is also other local seafood like Dungeness Crab, clams and oysters and many other types of fish - halibut, sole, cod, .

The area also grows many fruits and vegetables, so there is a heavy emphasis on local fresh and organically grown. There is also a big Asian influence at a lot of restaurants with fusion menus with all sorts of unusual pairings of ingredients and seasonings. The Pike Place Market features the types of foods that are representative: http://www.squidoo.com/Seattle-Pike-Plac鈥?/a>

I would look at some of the menus online of some of the top restuarants to give you some ideas: Here are some of them: The Space Needle, Wild Ginger, Palisades, Rovers and any of several restaurants owned by local chef Tom Douglas (he also has several cookbooks)

I hope this gives you some ideas.
You're right: seafood definitely. You can't talk about Seattle without talking about Ivar's fish and chips. King crab and salmon too. Coffee of course with Starbucks and Seattle's Best and Tulley's. The Belgium waffle was invented at the Worlds Fair in Seattle. Dick's burgers and the twelve egg omlet at Beth's are fairly famous. If you're talking about food, talk about Pike's Place Market. Apples are a very Washington crop, but not specific to Seattle.

Other than seafood, Seattle mainly enjoys variety of culture in everything, especially food.

So I'd recommend talking about famous restaurants, coffee, Pike Place, salmon, fish and chips, and crab.

Good luck with your project.What are some of the most popular food dishes in Seattle, Washington?
We eat so much salmon it's not even funny. Also we have a HUGE Asian population so tons of Chinese, Japanese, especially Thai and tons of sushi.

Also coffee. It's probably our official state drink.
seafood/asian food.
Beths Cafe's 12 Egg Omelet
Red Mill Burgers
***** Drive In Burgers
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